🀹Tactical DDD

To continue the "strategy = bones" analogy, this is where we put arms and legs and head on the right joints. A proverbial "Doing the thing right" phase, we could also say.

It's high time to put those "tactical" patterns in Domain Driven Design to work, breathing life into our domain model.

This section describes key passages of the code and the overall implementation rather than rehashing the complete and rather extensive code base.

DDD has deep ties to object-oriented programming and its ways of thinking. We will see examples of how encapsulation, inheritance, abstractions, and classes allow us to write more well-structured code so that we can uncover maximum benefits from DDD.

We will inspect and analyze some of the usages of all of the tactical patterns:

  • Modules

  • Factories

  • Repositories

  • Services

  • Entities

  • Aggregates

  • Value Objects

  • Domain Events

In the "blue and red books" you will see that the order that these are presented is different. My reason for presenting the patterns in this particular order is because I believe it makes for easier guiding, starting with those that are more basic and moving into the deeper domain objects halfway through.

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